Colleges, Conservatories and Studios do a great job of training artists, but often fall short when it comes to preparing students for real life.  2 new books came on my radar recently, both are written by accomplished artists/business people, who truly have the information and experience and success in the Performing Arts world.  A must read for emerging dancers, parents, teachers and career and high school counselors.  Pass it on.

The World’s Your Stage, How Performing Artists Can Make a Living While Still Doing What They Love, by William F. Baker, Warren C. Gibson and Evan Leatherwood.  This book was inspired by a business course taught at Julliard.

The Artist’s Compass, The Complete Guide to Building a Life and a Living in the Performing Arts, by Rachel S. Moore. Moore is current the CEO and President of The Music Center.  Prior to that, she was the Executive Director of the American Ballet Theatre after her performing career in the corps of ABT.