Dance Resources

Find comprehensive lists, articles and guides on topics including colleges, training, jobs and more. This list gives a great starting point for information to help with dance college and careers – without bias.

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Seminars & Lectures

Looking for a speaker, workshop or guest artist? Want to inspire and inform your students, parents, organization members or your teaching staff? Check out full descriptions for seminars, lectures, workshops and panel discussions on a variety of topics.



My Musings

Insights about dance colleges & careers, dance news, and inspiring stories about artists can all be found in my blog.



About Me

Hi, I’m Susan Epstein, former dancer, entrepreneur, educator, and writer . Learn more about my journey.



Dance Pathways Mission

Dedicated to, advocating for, educating and empowering dancers to discover college and career opportunities through communication, seminars, workshops, networking and resources. Dance Pathways is a launching pad for dancers, parents, advisors and teachers to get relevant information, experience different aspects of dance and help make smart choices about college and career options.