I am really excited to announce a new program that I am producing at Gibney Dance.  It’s called NYC Dance Deconstructed, a Gibney Dance program designed for college and dance studio and high school dance groups.

The program will serve this dance community by offering customizable programs and classes at Gibney Dance. The aim is to give contemporary dancers a look at the inside of the New York City dance experience. The program is designed for small groups under the umbrella of the schools, studios and capstone programs.

NYC Dance Deconstructed: Create your own group experience

  • Master Classes
  • Collaboration and Creative Process Workshops
  • Panel Discussions
  • Social Action Workshops
  • Digital Technology Training
  • Career Planning, Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Curated NYC performance and tour packages
  • Alumni Gatherings

Looking forward to creating meaningful experiences for the dance community.