Thinking about a Gap Year? Great idea for the right dancer.

I have talked to many dancers about the benefits of taking a gap year.  After all the President’s daughter is doing it.  It can be really beneficial, especially if you are not sure how you want dance in your life…. Continue Reading →

What is a Successful Career in Dance?

I recently came across this article from the Huffington Post.  It is a powerful post from a dancer named Shawn Lent.  An artist who embodies the concept of a sustainable future in the arts. “Shawn is the rare individual that excels… Continue Reading →

The New York Times recently published an article about co-signing for a student loan.  Pretty scary stuff, and great advice for parents.  An online site called onlinecolleges.net has put together some useful information to help make sure students have access to… Continue Reading →

Dancerpreneur Makes Dance Go Viral -Danceon.com

Dancers are the ultimate “doers”.  Amanda Taylor grew up dancing and majored in Musical Theatre at college. She has  taken entrepreneurship to a whole new level, and brings dance to the masses.  What started as an idea in her NY apartment now has over… Continue Reading →

Guiding Performing Artists – Living and Loving the Dream

Colleges, Conservatories and Studios do a great job of training artists, but often fall short when it comes to preparing students for real life.  2 new books came on my radar recently, both are written by accomplished artists/business people, who… Continue Reading →

NDEO Re-Launches the National Honors Society for Dance

The National Dance Education Organization has a wonderful program that honors dancers from high school through college.  Read about the benefits to studios, school programs and dancers, in my latest blog on Dance Life.

Best Ways to Prepare for Your College Audition

Are you getting ready for your college audition?  Read my advice posted on Dance Life.

Dance Teachers Unite

I am excited to tell you about a project I’ve been involved in that I’m finally able to share with you! It’s called Dance Teachers Unite and it’s an online summit for Dance Teachers and Studio Owners who want to grow… Continue Reading →

Thinking about going to college to Dance? Do It!

College is an important part of your dance career, it can take you places you never dreamed of.  Here is my article about going to college to dance posted on the Dance Life blog.  

Let’s help dancers follow their dreams and discover their future

About a year ago a colleague of mine sent me an e-mail from a distraught parent. It seems his daughter, we’ll call her Kelly, wanted to earn a bachelor’s degree in dance. With misguidance from high school counselors or her… Continue Reading →

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