I am excited to tell you about a project I’ve been involved in that I’m finally able to share with you!

It’s called Dance Teachers Unite and it’s an online summit for Dance Teachers and Studio Owners who want to grow their business, and I’m one of the guests! On the final day of the Summit – Thursday October 15th – you can catch my masterclass with Clint, alongside Lisa Howell, Kimberly Fitch and Kelley Abbey as part of a “Retention Roadmap” themed day. Other topics covered in the 10 day online Summit include: – Money Matters with Ann Wilson, Sean Dever and Jessica Scheitler – Mindset Makeover with Mia Michaels, Peter Sage and Marci Lock – Administration Overhaul with Chris Ducker, Cindy Clough and Frank Sahlein – Evergreen Enrollments with Amanda Bracks, Misty Lown and Gulliver Giles – Rockstar Faculty with Jane Grech, Holly Derville-Teer and Renee Celeste – Programs that Profit with Claire O’Connor, Karen Malek and Kater Barber – Digital Marketing Revolution with Lori Shecter, Ryan Masters and Tim Paige – Successful Social Media with Kim Garst, Keith Krance, Anna Bennett and Sue B. Zimmerman – Student Attraction Masterplan with Susan Harrow, Michael Alaniz and Ray Edwards One of the main reasons I am so passionate about this project is because I know there is something here for everyone. While the summit is specifically designed for dance studio owners, business owners and entrepreneurs of all types will benefit from the expertise of these masters of industry. To get free access today to the Dance Teachers Unite summit this October, follow this link and secure your place.