Thinking about a Gap Year? Great idea for the right dancer.

I have talked to many dancers about the benefits of taking a gap year.  After all the President’s daughter is doing it.  It can be really beneficial, especially if you are not sure how you want dance in your life…. Continue Reading →

What is a Successful Career in Dance?

I recently came across this article from the Huffington Post.  It is a powerful post from a dancer named Shawn Lent.  An artist who embodies the concept of a sustainable future in the arts. “Shawn is the rare individual that excels… Continue Reading →

Dancerpreneur Makes Dance Go Viral -Danceon.com

Dancers are the ultimate “doers”.  Amanda Taylor grew up dancing and majored in Musical Theatre at college. She has  taken entrepreneurship to a whole new level, and brings dance to the masses.  What started as an idea in her NY apartment now has over… Continue Reading →

Guiding Performing Artists – Living and Loving the Dream

Colleges, Conservatories and Studios do a great job of training artists, but often fall short when it comes to preparing students for real life.  2 new books came on my radar recently, both are written by accomplished artists/business people, who… Continue Reading →

Makerere University and NYU Dancers show off their shoes

NDEO Re-Launches the National Honors Society for Dance

The National Dance Education Organization has a wonderful program that honors dancers from high school through college.  Read about the benefits to studios, school programs and dancers, in my latest blog on Dance Life.

MOMA, Degas and Copeland – what a combination

The New York Museum of Modern Art will be presenting a new exhibit that brings the Degas ballerinas to lift through Misty Copeland.  Read this Harpers Bazaar article and photo journal about the creation experience, and be sure to watch… Continue Reading →

Dance for PD – a Life Changing Program

My mother, Taffy Epstein, read about the Dance for PD program in Brooklyn, NY and immediately thought of a dear friend recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  She made it her last mission to bring the program to Cleveland, Ohio and founded… Continue Reading →

Google know everything, and now Google shows us everything.  Okay, this new Google feature isn’t really like seeing a live performance, art installation, hearing music or whatever, but you can’t be everywhere.  Check out the latest from Google, posted in… Continue Reading →

Dance Medicine and Dance Therapy Careers

Have you ever thought about studying to be a Dance Medicine Doctor or a Dance Therapist?  Want to know more about it?  Check out my article for the More Than Dancers blog.

Are You a Dancerpreneur?

Great question?  What is a Dancerpreneur?  It’s my new word.  Every dancer I know has creatively crafted their lives and careers.  See if you qualify to be called a slash person, dancer/entrepreneur = dancerprenuer.  Read my latest post on the… Continue Reading →

Dance Teachers Unite

I am excited to tell you about a project I’ve been involved in that I’m finally able to share with you! It’s called Dance Teachers Unite and it’s an online summit for Dance Teachers and Studio Owners who want to grow… Continue Reading →

FIT Presents Designing Costumes for Ballet with a Twist

If you are in NYC don’t miss this wonderful evening of dance, design and discussion at FIT with a choreographer Marilyn Klaus and her costume designer Catherine Zehr, as they dissect the creations for Ballet with a Twist.

SYTYCD – Good or bad for the art form?

Critic Martha Shabas from The Globe eloquently discusses SYTYCD in her article Yes, I’m a dance critic.  And no I don’t really like So You Think You Can Dance, and puts it in context with the public’s understanding of dance…. Continue Reading →

Think your dance shoes are too expensive? Think again!

I know shoes can be one of the most costly expenses for dancers, so I wondered if the costs have kept up with inflation.  I started my research with a 1958 Taffy’s catalog.  Read this if you want to know… Continue Reading →

Planning for your college visit

My August blog on DDS – Dance Life is all about getting the most out of your college dance department visits . If you or your students are seniors in high school, and starting the process of choosing a college program,… Continue Reading →

Let’s do this in the USA!

The UK has announced a wonderful program to bring dance to their rural communities.  What a great idea! It not only brings the arts to places underserved, but it also puts artists to work!

Words of Wisdom from Julie Kent

“It’s not just: you walk in and you’re really talented, and you’re a great success. You have to be a good listener, you have to be a good observer, you have to have a flexible lens to look at life… Continue Reading →

Thinking about going to college to Dance? Do It!

College is an important part of your dance career, it can take you places you never dreamed of.  Here is my article about going to college to dance posted on the Dance Life blog.  

Aspiring Dance Costume Designers: Take Notes

Color, fabrics, tutu lengths – how a designer revitalizes a classic. Here is a great article about the new costumes for the ABT Classic: Sleeping Beauty.  Based on the original designs by Leon Baskt, this new version sounds like a visual feast.

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