Presented by Susan Epstein

If you’re organizing a conference or convention, leading a class or workshop, if you’re an educator or student who would like to learn more, these and other presentations and series are available for public learning.  My workshops and classes can be expanded or customized to fit your situation.  Please to discuss your particular needs and let’s see what we can create.

Sustainable Careers, Strategies for keeping dance in your life forever

A sustainable career in dance arts today requires a multi pronged approach.    In this class, we’ll  discuss personal, artistic and professional branding, finances, dreams, goals, lifestyle choices, budgets, taxes, ethics, copyrights, licensing issues and the internet,  building your community and setting priorities specifically aimed for those thinking about creating a dance career. We’ll also look at the skills and many hats a dancer needs to wear to successfully navigate the system.  I’ll share tools and resources to achieve success and customize my class to each and every student in attendance, with emphasis on the 5 P’s: Proper preparation prevents poor performance. This class is geared toward college juniors and seniors, or those looking to learn more about personal planning.

Dance Colleges and Careers: Things you should know to help your dancers follow their dreams, and discover their future

Specifically aimed for Dance Teachers, parents and teens, this presentation is designed to give information and tools to help guide teen dancers and their parents to demystify the college dance scene, understand the myriad of dance career choices and help them discover a pathway that will let them keep dance in their lives, forever. Some of the topics touched on:

  • Why go to college for dance
  • What to look for when evaluating dance programs
  • Preparing for the audition and college visit
  • What you can do to help prepare students and parents for the college dance experience
  • Careers in dance – pursuing parallel careers
  • Financial aid/scholarships
  • The application process


I am a Dancerpreneur and Things I learned from My Mother

A powerful way for students to learn is by examining the careers of others. In this presentation I will discuss my own pathway from dancing to entrepreneur, interwoven with the history of dance fashions and catalogs and nuggets of advice and examples of innovative ways to approach business.


These and other presentations are available for your class or organization. Workshops and classes can be expanded or customized to fit your situation. Contact  to discuss your particular needs.


Susan presents seminars at venues such as

Marymount Manhattan

SUNY Ulster

Southern Methodist University

National Dance Education Organization

The Pulse Teacher Workshop

Dance Teachers Unite

Texas University – San Marcos

Brooklyn Dance Festival

Point Park University “Arts and Smarts” Entrepreneur Symposium

Texas Christian University