What is a Successful Career in Dance?

I recently came across this article from the Huffington Post.  It is a powerful post from a dancer named Shawn Lent.  An artist who embodies the concept of a sustainable future in the arts. “Shawn is the rare individual that excels… Continue Reading →

Dancerpreneur Makes Dance Go Viral -Danceon.com

Dancers are the ultimate “doers”.  Amanda Taylor grew up dancing and majored in Musical Theatre at college. She has  taken entrepreneurship to a whole new level, and brings dance to the masses.  What started as an idea in her NY apartment now has over… Continue Reading →

Are You a Dancerpreneur?

Great question?  What is a Dancerpreneur?  It’s my new word.  Every dancer I know has creatively crafted their lives and careers.  See if you qualify to be called a slash person, dancer/entrepreneur = dancerprenuer.  Read my latest post on the… Continue Reading →

You know, a dancer and an entrepreneur? Most of us are that special combination.  I made up the word, and then wrote a blog on how you can tell if you fit the description.    Here is a link to that blog posted on The National Dance… Continue Reading →

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